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We want our site to be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

To achieve this our site is designed to be accessible by the widest audience. Every attempt is made to meet and conform to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow a user to navigate a web site without using a mouse or other pointing device. This can sometimes be quicker and may assist those with motor skill difficulties.

Our access keys are listed to the right. How to use them in various browsers is explained below.

In Internet Explorer 5+: Press 'Alt key' + the access key number at the same time, and then press 'Enter' will take you to the linked page. In Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 6+: 'Alt key' + the access key number will take the user to the linked page.

If using an Apple Mac: Substitute the 'Ctrl' key for the 'Alt key'.

Tab key Users can navigate the main links in our website using the Tab key.

Again this is for the benefit of non-mouse users allowing them to 'tab' to the link they want and then press 'enter' to go to the page.

Text size

To help users who have trouble reading the text on our website its size can be increased using the links placed on the righhand side of every page beneath the menu.

There are currently three options: Default, Larger Text, or Text Only (Black & White with no images)


Our website uses Javascript to provide dynamic drop-down menus and interactive content. We recommend you have Javascript enabled in your browser to get the best user experience from our website.

To enable javascript- In the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer: * Go to the Tools option in the top righthand corner of the browser window, and select Internet options from the drop-down menu * Select the Security tab second along at the top. * Click the Custom Level button and scroll down to Scripting * Under Active scripting click Enable * Select OK then OK again

In the latest version of Netscape Navigator: * Go to the Edit option in the top righthand corner of the browser window, and select Preferences from the drop-down menu * Select Advanced in the Category panel (if no subcategories are visible, double click Advanced) * Select Scripts & Plugins * Put a tick in Navigator under Enable JavaScript for * Click OK Style sheets

Our website also uses Cascading Style Sheets to control the appearance and layout of the pages in a consistent style. This keeps the style and appearance of our content separate from the actual markup itself which allows for simple and clear HTML in our documents.

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