Newton Stewart Museum

Detailed Information

Housed in the former St John’s Church, the museum is home to a large collection of artifacts, all set in their own section: Nursery; Tradesman’s Tools; Carpentry; Diary; Kitchen Smithy; Fabrics & Clothing; Trophies & Medals; Books; Maps & Artwork, plus many more.

There is a total of some 25 sections, all packed with memorabilia to evoke recollections of times long past.

You can perhaps trace your family tree with the help of some of our volunteers. The museum holds records of many local families and numerous photographs of local landmarks.

From time to time specialist exhibitions are held, covering a topical event. All items exhibited are donated `on loan’ from the museum collection.

We can also hold a group tour, at a time to suit you, with volunteers in attendance to answer any queries and generally make your visit a pleasure.

Children are especially welcome, with a quiz to help things along.