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This event will give participants a chance to help further identify issues and opportunities relating to land-use change in south Scotland.

The South of Scotland has been chosen by the Scottish Government as one of five Regional Land Use Partnership (RLUP) pilots, to help develop Scotland’s approach to land use in support of our green recovery, the transition to net-zero, and to address the climate change and biodiversity emergencies.

Further details on the pilot can be found at:

The aim of the RLUP pilots is to test the practicalities of:

• delivering a collaborative approach to informing land use change decisions, involving national and local government, landowners and managers, communities and stakeholders

• identifying and agreeing current and potential land use change priorities across the region that support the delivery of Scottish Government’s climate change targets and other environmental objectives, including improving biodiversity

Once established it will help signposting funding opportunities for landowners and managers, or community groups.

In the previous round of events (Sept-Nov), local stakeholders identified 5 key issues and opportunities for land use in south Scotland. In this next round of events, we invite you to explore the tensions and trade- offs for land use from a natural capital perspective whilst taking into account the diversity of landscapes and land uses in our region. The workshop sessions will be used to help identify and prioritise spatially specific land use change opportunities and how these may differ by region.

In this stage of the project we wish to involve a representative range of stakeholders from business to individual, community to NGO. It will use a natural capital approach (viewing land as an asset that delivers multiple benefits).

We are keen that we account for as far as possible with the resources available, the diversity of landscapes and land uses in our region and we aim to ensure that communities, the land use sector and public bodies are all engaged in the process

Engaging with and listening to people in the South of Scotland has been a key way in which we work and we are committed to continuing to do so.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our live or virtual events.

Registration 17:45 – refreshments will be available on arrival.

Meeting 18:00 – 20:00



18:00 Welcome

18:05 Questions

18:15 Presentation

18:35 Workshop Session

19: 50 Next Steps

20:00 Meeting Ends


Further Information

Information and resources from the pilot can be found at:

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31 Jan 2023


18:45 - 20:00